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Performance-based well intervention for production enhancement

A new operating model to optimize production using unique well intervention solutions

Intervention solutions for production enhancement.

How can well intervention help you optimize production?

As the need to produce more with reduced cost and lower environmental impact is more important than ever, well intervention is key to improve production performance. But many well intervention operations don’t meet customer objectives of incremental barrels. So how can you ensure the best intervention outcome, every time?

Bar chart showing Most Frequent Production Issues.
Mature fields are complex. Some of the top production challenges operators face include well access and integrity issues, water production, and pressure decline.

A collaborative operating model for well intervention

Unlike a traditional transactional customer-vendor relationship where service company and customer objectives are often misaligned, SLB partners with you to align our success criteria with yours. We leverage a unique performance-based operating model that results in a win-win outcome. Through collaboration, our domain expertise, rich technology portfolio, and digital workflows, this performance-based model improves well intervention, accelerates production, maximizes recovery in mature fields, and reduces the cost of the value chain instead of infill drilling as an alternative.

No matter your intervention challenge, we have a wide range of SLB technologies to ultimately optimize your production performance:

Application Featured Technology
Application Wellbore flow assurance Featured technology CLEAN SWEEP™ damage removal solvent systems
NaqiClean™ single-phase multifunction remedial system
Application Water diagnostics and shutoff Featured technology Flow Scanner™ horizontal and deviated well production logging system
Pulsar™ multifunction spectroscopy service
Application Production and recovery Featured technology Kinetix Matrix™ matrix stimulation design software
OneSTEP™ high-performance sandstone stimulation solution
OpenPath Sequence™ diversion stimulation service
OpenPath Reach™ extended-contact stimulation service
Application Sand management Featured technology ReSOLVE Family™ active debris removal tool
SandView™ downhole sand detection service
Application Well integrity Featured technology Epilogue™ dual-string barrier evaluation
Application Real-time intervention Featured technology ACTive Power™ CT real-time powered downhole measurements system
Digital slickline
ReSOLVE Family instrumented wireline intervention services

Powered by digital

To optimize production, SLB leverages Intervention Advisor software, an integrated digital workflow used for candidates, methods, and technology selection to manage risk, reduce the cost of the value chain, and enhance production and recovery. Intervention Advisor maps the production challenge—be it well integrity, flow assurance, conformance, etc.—to a solution portfolio that suggests the optimal diagnosis, remediation, and even prevention methods to avoid future recurrence. The software embeds SLB technologies as well as complementary technologies from some of our industry partners.

Intervention Advisor
Routine well intervention increases production by 10%. Learn how SLB technologies and expertise help you select the best wells for success.
lower cost per barrel*

*Compared with equivalent bbl from infill drilling based on SLB and industry analyses

lower carbon footprint per barrel compared with infill drilling*
reduction by utilizing existing assets

Make informed, data-driven decisions

Built into Intervention Advisor software are multiwell contingency plans. The software can predict intervention outcomes, how many incremental barrels can be achieved for each scenario, and the chances of success. With these insights, you can make an informed, data-driven decision prior to executing the intervention operation.