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Drillbench blowout control

Proven tool for dynamic kill modeling and relief well planning—harnessing the power of the OLGA engine for tertiary well control

Drillbench blowout control

With challenging wells becoming commonplace, more advanced simulation tools are required to plan and operate them with an acceptable risk. Increased complexity decreases margins, making accurate transient models even more important.

Drillbench Blowout Control, powered by the OLGA multiphase flow simulator, enables drilling teams to perform dynamic analysis of possible blowout rates; kill rates in different scenarios (through the drillstring or relief wells), including required pumping volumes and duration; and pressure loads.

In addition to relief well planning, Drillbench Blowout Control is valuable for training, operational follow-up, post-analysis, and reporting.

Drillbench Blowout Control technology provides proven solutions for contingency planning, operational support, and environmental risk assessments.

Contingency planning

  • Required kill mud density and kill flow rates in main well and relief well.
  • Operational sequence and mud supplies.
  • Investigation of underground blowout and crossflow effects.
  • Different well/drillstring configurations.
  • Verification of casing design. 

Operational support

  • Verify changes in contingency plans.
  • Verify kill operations.

Environmental risk assessment

  • Anticipated surface blowout flow rates.
  • Worst-case discharge scenario.
Drillbench dynamic drilling simulations for pressure control, well control, blow out control

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