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CTDirect MWD

Coiled tubing measurement-while-drilling service

Enhanced measurements of downhole drilling dynamics
Expanded max. temperature rating to 347 degF [175 degC]
Lower tool maintenance time and service costs
CTDirect MWD
Coiled tubing measurement-while-drilling service
Statistics for CT Direct MWD (2 years of continuous operations, 34% increase of maintenance free operation for 50% of service cost)

Highly accurate MWD for enhanced decision making and improved bit performance

The CTDirect MWD coiled tubing measurement-while-drilling service improves underbalanced, short-radius, and thru-tubing reentry drilling applications through enhanced measurements of key drilling parameters. Downhole drilling mechanics, pressure, temperature, shock and vibration, inclination, azimuth, and toolface data are seamlessly transmitted to the surface in real time, where it is continuously monitored at the wellsite for precise directional steering and immediate motor stall detection.

The torque-on-bit (TOB) sensor plays a crucial part in early motor and turbine stall detection and prevention, especially in underbalanced drilling applications, because of difficulty detecting these stalls through surface and downhole pressure or vibration readings alone. TOB measurements are also useful in stuck pipe situations, as they indicate the torsional load on the BHA, enabling you to find and free the stuck pipe.

The weight-on-bit sensor (WOB) sensor indicates the surface weight transferred to the bit, increasing ROP and improving drilling performance.

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