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Geothermal production

Optimize performance for the long term

Geothermal production.
Geothermal production.

Unlock and sustain the full potential of your geothermal wells

The long-term viability of every geothermal project depends on optimized production and diligent monitoring to recognize potential issues early and choose the best solutions. SLB has the know-how, advanced technologies, and expertise needed to fix underperforming projects, improve existing projects, and optimize new ones. To maximize geothermal production, you may consider

- introducing an electric submersible pump (ESP) in your well

- possibly expanding your field or a binary bottoming cycle

- increasing injection or exploring alternative injection strategies. This includes improving the sandface completion of injectors or producers by deploying inflow control devices (ICDs) on the outflow side of the producers or the injection side in the injection well for even flow distribution.

- safeguarding against different types of scale—including H2S—with scale inhibitors

- installing fiber optics to monitor the temperature profile over time.

Expert solutions for the life of the well

Illuminating the reservoir with detailed understanding

Trust your geothermal project to leading software and expertise

Connecting to the geothermal resource

Extend the life of your geothermal wells