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We are SLB

A global technology company driving energy innovation for a balanced planet

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At SLB our purpose is to create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all. As innovators, that’s been our mission for 100 years. We are facing the world’s greatest balancing act—how to simultaneously reduce emissions while meeting the world’s growing energy demands. We’re working on that answer. Every day is a step closer. Our collective future depends on decarbonizing the fossil fuel industry while innovating across the entire energy landscape. It’s what drives us, ensuring progress for the people and the planet—on the journey to net zero and beyond.

With a global footprint in more than 100 countries and employees representing almost twice as many nationalities, we work each day on decarbonizing industry, innovating in oil and gas, delivering digital at scale, and developing and scaling new energy systems that accelerate the energy transition.

We are SLB, a global technology company driving energy innovation for a balanced planet.

Our Values
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Our people are exceptional. They are diverse. And they are the pulse and spirit of who we are. These talented people are the core that drives our purpose and integrity, which fuels our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their greatest potential. Ever-evolving and constantly innovating, we transcend every cultural and technological boundary set before us. Indeed, our diversity makes us stronger. Together, we achieve more.


Technology energizes our passion for exploring and drives us to solve the world’s energy challenges. For the past century, SLB has continuously set the benchmark for innovation, proven by our long-held and continuing track record of solutions, industry firsts, and new industry standards. From invention to application, our technologies rapidly enable safer, more efficient, and more sustainable operations for our customers.

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Together, we deliver performance that provides outstanding results to build a sustainable future. And while we work together with you, our partners and stakeholders, you can always count on us to put safety and security at the heart of everything we do. And because our business, industry, and our world are all changing fast, our commitment to integrity and performance will not.

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Our Approach to Sustainability

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    Ethics and Compliance
    SLB’s Board of Directors oversees our processes for maintaining integrity with regard to SLB’s financial statements, internal controls, public disclosures, and compliance with laws and ethics.

    Additionally, the Ethics and Compliance (E&C) program ensures compliance risks are known and addressed and that the program is effectively implemented. View

  • Bring Balance Back to Our Planet
    Our planet needs balance to thrive, for the climate, for people, and for nature.

    Together, we will pave the way through better practices, innovative technologies, and the commitment to help others. View

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    Our History
    With bold thinking, we’ve established ourselves as early adopters of digital solutions and pioneers of new mindsets to tackle the net-zero challenge.

    A legacy and culture of pushing the limits of what technology can do. View

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    Our Global Footprint
    We are local. Everywhere.

    With operations in over 120 countries, we bring a strong focus on our customers and regional dynamics. View

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    Our Technology Development
    The future of Energy innovation

    Leveraging the latest science and technology to optimize operations and solve E&P challenges. View

  • Schlumberger Foundation, woman working in a lab
    Schlumberger Foundation
    Actively supporting STEM education for women.

    The Schlumberger Foundation supports education, strengthens university faculties, and mitigates obstacles faced by women scientists. View

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    Step into energy's future with thought leaders from around the world.

    How do we do things better, quicker, and cleaner? Thought leaders from around the world share their visions and experiences. View

  • Schlumberger Alumni Hub
    Our Alumni
    SLB employees, current and past, made us who we are today.

    Keeping you connected to news, information, and opportunities View