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Liner Hanger Systems

Hydraulic and mechanical set liner hangers, liner top packers, and expandable systems

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MWL Tool Company develops the liner hanger in Midland, Texas
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Liner Hanger System Equipment

Enhance well stability and protect the casing with cemented and uncemented liner hanger systems that suit a wide range of well conditions.

Liner Hanger Systems

  • Slips extended
    High-performance liner hanger systems

    Engineered for the most challenging well environments View

  • COLOSSUS UNC uncemented liner hanger system
    Liner hanger systems

    Enhance well stability and protect the casing. View

Liner Hangers

  • HCHR high-capacity hydraulic rotating liner hanger
    High-capacity hydraulic rotating liner hanger

    Deploy heavy and long liners in drilldown applications, even in deep land, deepwater, and HPHT wells, to save time and enable rotation. View

  • Liner Hanger
    Configurable hydraulic pocket-slip liner hanger

    Run long and heavy liners with confidence, even in HPHT conditions, with or without liner rotation during running or cementing. View

  • SBRD solid-body mechanical-set liner hanger
    Solid-body mechanical-set liner hanger

    Run light and medium-weight liners in wells where the workstring can be manipulated to set the hanger. View

Liner Top Packers

  • pv-3 packer
    Liner top packer with or without hold-down slips

    Choose a reliable packer rated to 10,000-psi [68.9-MPa] differential pressure. View

  • PV-0 high-pressure V0 liner top packer
    High-pressure V0 liner top packer

    Run this V0- or V3-qualified packer above the COLOSSUS CMT liner hanger system in HPHT wells to enable drilldown and rotation. View

Running Tools

  • CRT Collet Running Tool
    Hydraulic collet running tool

    Run liners and release without rotation—ideal in high-inclination wells. View

  • Right Hand Release Running Tool for COLOSSUS CMT and COLOSSUS UNC systems
    Right-hand-release running tool

    Mechanically or hydraulically set liner hanger systems that require high torque to drill the liner. View

  • Retrievable Cement Bushing
    Retrievable cement bushing

    Maintain pressure integrity for liner hanger and liner top packer operations. View

  • RBS Rotational Ball Seat for COLOSSUS CMT and COLOSSUS UNC Systems
    RBS Rotational Ball Seat
    Simplified running and setting

    Save time running and setting liner hanger systems, and reduce pressure surges. View

Integral Liner Hanger Packers

  • LRP Long Reach Liner Packer
    Long Reach
    Integral liner hanger packer

    Facilitate liner deployment with push, pull, and rotation capabilities ideal for high-temperature and thermal wells. View

Liner Hanger Expandable Systems

Deploy long, heavy liners in challenging conditions—including deepwater, extended-reach, and HPHT wells—with expandable, metal-to-metal sealing for the life of the well.

  • Meta liner tieback gripping
    Integrated Liner Hanger Tieback System
    Metal-to-metal, gas-tight system

    Solve problems with long casing strings by connecting a liner to a tieback string with full V0-qualified casing integrity. View

  • Liner Tieback Metal-to-Metal Gas-Tight Liner Tieback System
    Liner Tieback
    Metal-to-metal, gas-tight system

    Solve problems with long casing strings by connecting a liner to a tieback string with full V0-qualified casing integrity. View

  • Load Anchor Metal-to-Metal Anchor
    Load Anchor
    Metal-to-metal tieback casing anchor

    Use conventional liner hanger systems with heavier axial loads by deploying an anchor that manages the loads. View