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Methane emissions management

Reimagine your impact with a comprehensive plan for the future and a partnership to get you there

Powering methane solutions that scale

With an impact about 84× greater than carbon dioxide, methane is a leading cause of global warming. While individual technologies can mitigate the issue, making real change in methane emissions requires a comprehensive view of your business and integrated operations.

At SLB, we see the bigger picture—and in it, your long-term plan for eliminating methane. Through connective software, hardware, and end-to-end solutions you can depend on, we take the guesswork out of methane management.

What does your emissions plan look like? Let’s build it together.

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  • SLB End-to-end Emissions Solutions
    Management Solutions and Services
    SLB End-to-end Emissions Solutions. Your one-stop shop for methane and routine flaring elimination.

    Report and ultimately eliminate methane emissions and routine flaring. View

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