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Rock and fluid analysis image as part of services provided in Schlumberger reservoir labs.

Petrophysics interpretation services

Our petrotechnical specialists help you characterize and understand your reservoir by evaluating rock and fluid properties such as porosity, fluid saturations, permeability, lithology, and rock mechanical properties. With these results you can determine hydrocarbon reserves and reservoir producibility, decide where to complete and how to stimulate, pinpoint where to land your lateral, and devise long-term field development strategies.

Meet your petrophysical objectives

From planning a data-acquisition job to the delivery of final interpreted results, we work with you to ensure that the data and interpretations meet your needs. We have the flexibility to incorporate core data, test results, and any other input into our log-based interpretation system. And, because our experts have an in-depth understanding of the latest acquisition technologies, you’ll derive the maximum value from the data obtained.

Gain certainty with real-time support

E&P data must often be processed, interpreted, and delivered quickly to support critical decisions impacting wellsite operations—and our petrotechnical centers provide these services on an around-the-clock basis. Real-time support and quick turnaround times can be provided with proper prejob coordination.

Geology interpretation services

Expert evaluation of geology data pairs field experience and geology interpretation proficiency using proprietary workflows to deliver geological answers and enhance the value of your data acquisition.

Comprehensive analysis of subsurface data

Our domain experts integrate structural, textural, and geomechanical image information with other logging results and core data. For example, a comparison can be made between the stress orientation indicated by the fast shear azimuth from a dipole sonic tool versus the stress orientation indicated by borehole images. Detailed facies analysis can be performed by combining the high-resolution borehole image data with magnetic resonance or the mineralogy from a neutron-induced spectroscopy tool.

Quanta Geo photorealistic reservoir geology service
Quanta Geo photorealistic reservoir geology service redefines imaging in oil-base mud environments with high resolution and full coverage to truly represent the formation geology.
geomechanic engineered completion design
The engineered completion design aligns the fracture stages and their perforation clusters with intervals of high reservoir quality and similar completion quality. In Stage 15, the engineered completion design reduced the variation of the fracture initiation pressure to approximately 250 psi from 700 psi in the geometric design.

Geomechanics interpretation services

Every stage in the reservoir life cycle benefits from the accurate measurement and evaluation of geomechanical properties. Robust LWD multipole LWD measurements mitigate drilling risks by addressing wellbore stability. Similarly critical for shale reservoirs is wireline 3D logging to comprehensively characterize both intrinsic and stress-induced anisotropy. Further insight to reservoir rock behavior concerning completion, stimulation, and production comes from our Reservoir Laboratory geomechanics services.

Whether characterization and monitoring are at the well, field, or basin scale, our petrotechnical experts work with you to incorporate your geomechanical data into comprehensive, multidisciplinary geomechanical models and workflows.

Geophysics interpretation services

Borehole seismic surveys provide high-resolution, high-fidelity depth and velocity data for generating images and calibrating surface seismic data and models. LWD acquisition with real-time processing significantly reduces uncertainty ahead of the bit by up to several thousand feet.

Enhanced reservoir delineation, characterization, and monitoring

Our portfolio of survey types can provide solutions for many different applications—from exploration through completions to full-field development. These range from simple check-shot surveys for time and depth determination to 3D VSP for high-resolution imaging around the well. New distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) systems significantly accelerate data acquisition for integration into your field and reservoir models.

Discontinuous clinoform features are readily identifiable in the interpreted images from Deeplook-CS crosswell seismic service.
Discontinuous clinoform features are readily identifiable in the interpreted images from Deeplook-CS crosswell seismic service.
Malcom Interactive Fluid Characterization Software
Malcom interactive fluid characterization software

Reservoir engineering interpretation services

Understanding your reservoir’s fluid content and behavior is critical—from the first exploratory well to implementing enhanced oil recovery. The answers lie in measuring reservoir pressure, conducting downhole fluid analysis (DFA), and collecting fluid samples for laboratory PVT analysis.

Measure to predict reservoir dynamics

From drilling onward, managing risk and targeting productive zones relies on accurate, representative data and multidisciplinary interpretation expertise to account for the many factors involved, such as compartmentalization. It takes direct measurements obtained through sampling and testing to realistically model the dynamic reservoir system for efficient, effective production.

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