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Geothermal completions

Connecting to the geothermal resource

Geothermal completions.
Geothermal completions.

Ensuring reliable geothermal output

When it comes to completions, geothermal wells differ from their oil and gas cousins in terms of their temperature, flow rates, pressure, and fluid chemistries. Oil and gas wells are deliberately selective, perforated across oil and gas bearing zones to maximize hydrocarbon production and minimize water cut. With the goal of maximizing hot water production, conventional geothermal wells have significantly larger casing diameters and little if any inflow control. With long openhole sections to capture every drop of hot water from the formation and the need to preserve temperature at the wellhead, production through casing is common. Completions for enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) wells are similar to those used in tight shale resources, with zonal isolation and multiple hydraulic stimulations through perforated casing.

Ensuring long-term, sustainable geothermal production depends on completing the wells in accordance with the characteristics of the geothermal resource. At SLB, we bring deep expertise to every geothermal well completion project backed by an innovative mix of SLB hardware, fluids, digital solutions, and experience to ensure reliable thermal output.

Expertise for every geothermal challenge

Whether you need to drill a shallow hot water well, recomplete a deep, deviated geothermal producer, convert a production well to an injection well (or vice versa), or create a stimulated EGS doublet, we have you covered.

We’ll leverage our expertise to help you evaluate alternatives to improve the completion of injectors or producers by deploying inflow control devices (ICDs) on the outflow side of the producers or the injection side in the injection well for even flow distribution.

To meet your comprehensive needs, we also specialize in supporting the conversion of legacy oil and gas wells into geothermal assets and resolving casing integrity issues by employing advanced high-temperature expandable steel patches.

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