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Wireline Perforating

Engineered perforating systems maximize production

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Perforating guns firing into the formation.

New hardware breakthroughs combined with advanced software modeling enable conducting ultralong and heavy wireline perforating jobs in both offshore and land operations. Using wireline perforating instead of conventional conveyance techniques in deep and complex wells improves efficiency while reducing rig time and cost.

Wireline (or electric line) is the traditional way to run perforating guns, and with good reason: Wireline provides the advantages of real-time depth control and selectivity along with reduced logistics compared with deployment on tubing. Although wireline perforating guns were initially categorized by whether they are used before the completion is run (casing guns) or through the completion (through-tubing guns), today, any type of engineered perforating system can be run on wireline along with a wide variety of other explosive devices.

Regardless of the type of perforating gun, our engineered perforating systems are optimized for the gun and charge combination with respect to the wellbore environment, reservoir and fluid content, and completion geometry.

Firing Heads and Initiators

Instrumented docking perforating gun system

RF-safe electronic detonator

Addressable-switch firing system


Expanded-range wireline perforating system

Perforating Tools

Instrumented docking perforating gun system

Completion insertion and removal under pressure equipment

Universal perforating and correlation tool

Wireline perforating platform

Automatic gun release with X-Tools completion tools technology

Plug and Abandonment

A flexible system with a range of entrance holes and shot densities