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Geothermal numerical reservoir simulation consulting services

Quantifying the impact of uncertainties to your geothermal resource

Geothermal numerical.

Fit-for-purpose geothermal reservoir models

Geothermal development projects are complex beasts. Not only must they comprehend the risks and uncertainties of the physical flow of fluids and heat in the geothermal system, but they must also sustain the viability of the geothermal resource for the life of the project.

For decades, our GeothermEx™ geothermal consulting services have been used to create numerical reservoir models that vary in enthalpy, size, chemistry, complexity, and output. Our customers receive tightly calibrated models that encompass a wide variety of well depths and placements, reservoir permeabilities, production rates, and injection temperatures. This fit-for-purpose approach is deliberately designed to give you a clear picture of resource behavior—now and in the future—providing peace of mind for investment project expansion decisions.

Geothermal experience with depth and breadth

GeothermEx services have been used in nearly every geothermal region around the globe—this includes reservoir simulation, due diligence, exploration, resource assessment, and well testing consulting services.

GeothermEx services have been involved in 70% of all operating geothermal power projects worldwide.

Innovative, integrated modeling you can count on

We have the experience and expertise to create dependable sensitivity analysis for any environment.

Model the behavior of any reservoir with confidence

Our numerical reservoir simulation experience covers every type of geothermal power plant development.

Dry steam—including the Geysers geothermal field in California and the Kamojang geothermal field in Indonesia
Flash steam—including Kawerau in New Zealand, Salton Sea in California, and Southern Negros in the Philippines
Binary—including dozens of projects in Nevada, Southern California, and Turkey
Flash and binary combinations—including Roosevelt Hot Springs in Utah