Edge and IoT

Welcome to the next era of intelligent operations—from edge to autonomous operations

Empowering the edge.
Edge and IoT

Empowering the Edge

We’re empowering the oil and gas industry with pioneering edge AI and IIoT solutions, to drive operational excellence, enhance safety, and optimize resource utilization. Our technology transforms complex data into actionable insights, helping to create a resilient and efficient future for the energy sector.

Unlock the value of intelligent operations with edge AI and IoT solutions from SLB. As the leader in edge AI solutions built for the industry, we deliver real-time remote operations and intelligent asset solutions that bridge the gap to more sustainable and safer operations, lowering the carbon and human footprint while increasing operational efficiency.  

Our edge AI solutions are open, they can seamlessly integrate with field equipment from any manufacturer. Furthermore, data generated in the field can be transmitted to either an open data ecosystem or private data ecosystems.

Security is paramount for edge AI and IoT solutions and is ingrained in our solutions’ design and operation, ensuring a secure journey from the field to the cloud. Our edge AI solutions use best practices to guarantee both software and hardware security, encompassing data access and transmission.

Given the size and complexity of the energy industry, scalability is essential for edge AI and IoT solutions. Our robust infrastructure and technology solutions are adaptable, and capable of independently managing various operational use cases, while also facilitating edge device management through remote tools and over-the-air updates.

Our products and services

  • Abstract SLB key art of Production chemicals optimization on DELFI for ESP
    Production Chemicals Optimization on Delfi
    Real-time monitoring, analysis, and autonomous chemical injection optimization

    Monitor at 1-minute frequency to optimize ESP corrosion protection and run-life extension. View

  • Lift IQ Production Life Cycle Management Service
    Lift IQ
    Production life cycle management service

    Monitor and diagnose equipment, well, and reservoir problems with a service suited for all artificial lift systems. View

  • Innovation Factori
    Innovation Co-development
    Accelerating AI adoption for the energy industry

    Joint development and co-investment to create new AI and digital solutions for the energy industry. View

  • Innovation Factori
    Innovation Workshops
    Digital enhancements for your specific needs with advanced tech and deep expertise at your disposal,

    Explore the impact of digital technologies and create usable outputs in one to two weeks through hands-on workshops and developer hackathons. View