Geosteering and real-time downhole insights

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Integrated BHAs designed to enhance efficiency in any environment

Our full portfolio of drilling tools, services, and BHA design software is designed to meet your drilling KPIs. Whether drilling for shale in the Permian Basin, extraheavy oil in the Orinoco Belt, crude in the Gulf region, and beyond, you can count on integrated SLB bottomhole assemblies to reach TD faster, stay in the sweet spot longer, and land at the desired location to help you achieve your objectives.

Rock destruction solutions for every drilling application

Trajectory control in directional drilling

Impact tools that reduce risk of expensive equipment loss

Purpose-specific tools for soft and sticky to hard and abrasive formations

Casing-drilling and liner-drilling technology

Plan and safely execute wells requiring interception and ranging, including relief and plug & abandon operations.

Mechanical precompletion wellbore cleanup and testing solutions