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Sustainable lithium production

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SLB Sustainable Lithium Production

The growing battery-grade lithium demand

Nations and businesses all over the world are clamoring for battery-grade lithium. And that demand is only going to keep getting stronger, especially as the electric vehicle market continues to grow and more renewable energy sources are added to the grid. Would a faster, more efficient, more sustainable lithium source help you?

An answer for your supply chain

With our surface and subsurface expertise, SLB is able to integrate a solution that minimizes environmental impact. Using advanced direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology, natural resources management, and improved process systems, we produce battery-grade lithium in weeks instead of months. This enables new opportunities for existing and emerging production regions across the globe.

Woman in lab wearing blue coveralls using probe on test tubes full of liquid
Man wearing blue coveralls and hard hat, safety goggles, and blue gloves using electric valve to probe liquid in plastic tube

How do we do it?

Our NeoLith Energy pilot plant in Nevada will use a cost-effective, sustainable approach for brine extraction beneath the surface and lithium production with a significantly smaller footprint and drastically reduced water consumption. This will improve a process that has been a historically high cause of pollution.

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