Geothermal well construction

Improve geothermal drilling with solutions that perform in hard rock and high temperatures

Geothermal well construction.
Geothermal Well Construction.

Improve geothermal project economics by optimizing drilling

Well delivery comprises everything from the people to the processes, equipment, and materials across the full well construction operation—your operation. In geothermal applications, drilling makes up 25% to 50% of total project costs, so you need to reduce those costs for better economics. Combining our geothermal experience and well construction expertise, we can help you elevate operational success.

Our geothermal well construction solutions

High-temperature endurance for drilling geothermal wells

Leveraging geothermal experience and technologies to drill geothermal wells consistently, faster, and more efficiently

Reduce drilling risk in challenging geothermal environments

Resilience in extreme geothermal environments

Flexible systems for use in geothermal drilling and production