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Maximum reservoir productivity in new or existing wells

Perf lab

Our engineered perforating systems help you achieve the best production or injection in your well by optimizing the relationship between the gun system, wellbore, and your reservoir. The SPAN Rock rock-based penetration model incorporates our extensive research in stressed-rock perforating for accurately predicting perforator performance downhole in reservoir rock. The resulting performance gains are documented in API RP 19B Section 1 data. 

Deliver the best productivity from your completion with Schlumberger perforating systems:

  • measure to fully characterize the reservoir rock and fluids 
  • perforate with the optimal gun system and charges specified by the SPAN Rock model
  • clean the perforations by controlling wellbore dynamics while perforating 
  • monitor to maximize reservoir productivity.
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The Productivity Enhancement Research Facility (PERF) brings together the industry’s most technologically advanced testing systems and expert staff to directly determine how your reservoir will perform when perforated, reducing risk and optimizing recovery.

Perforating Design

No longer do you need to guess how perforating changes will perform in your wells. By holistically accounting for the well, fluid, and formation environment, perforating design integrates shaped charges and perforating gun systems to minimize damage and maximize the wellbore-to-reservoir connection.

  • Perforating
    SPAN Rock
    Stressed-rock perforating analysis

    Accurately predict perforator performance downhole in reservoir rock. View

  • TRUST Transient rapid underbalance surge technique
    Transient rapid underbalance surge technique

    Achieve efficient cleanup of the perforation tunnels by removing perforation debris and crushed sands behind casing. View

Whether for the deepest penetration, big hole, or uniform perforating applications, our shaped charges are performance tested at reservoir conditions so you can optimize your well’s completion—and productivity.

We engineer our perforating guns as systems that integrate the carriers, shaped charges, and accessories—with all components manufactured to rigorous QC standards.

Conveyance Services

We offer solutions for wireline, slickline, coiled tubing, or tubing-conveyed operations.

  • ACTive Perf
    Coiled Tubing Perforating
    Streamline perforating while improving safety and reliability

    Achieves accurate depth control and ensures target zone coverage while controlling hydrostatic balance. View

  • Perforating guns firing into the formation.
    Wireline Perforating
    Engineered perforating systems for maximized production

    Expand the range of wireline (or electric line) for running perforating guns, improving efficiency while reducing rig time and cost. View

  • TCP Efficiency Basic TCP string.
    Tubing-Conveyed Perforating
    For long intervals in deviated and horizontal wells

    Run long, heavy gun strings in all well conditions. View

  • 3D render of digital slickline.
    Digital Slickline Intervention
    Perform a wider range of intervention activities with precision, control and certainty

    Log, perforate, set, seal, and perform mechanical operations with digital surface control and depth correlation. View