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How to improve perforating efficiency

Published: 04/24/2023

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How to improve perforating efficiency
Improve your perforating efficiency by using a single wireline deployment with the XR-Perf expanded-range wireline perforating system—saving time and costs.

Perforating enables you to connect your well with your reservoir. As discoveries got deeper and deeper and pay zones got longer and longer, perforating became a more complex, high-risk, and time-consuming operation, especially offshore. Operators normally tackle that challenge with a conservative approach: They either perform the operation in tubing-conveyed perforations, or they break those long intervals into multiple wireline and coiled tubing runs, substantially increasing the time required to complete the wells.

What if you could increase your perforating efficiency through a wireline deployment? The XR-Perf™ expanded-range wireline perforating system enables you to maximize the length and weight of guns deployed in a single wireline run—saving time and costs.

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