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Clean hydrogen production technology

Scaling up a carbon-free energy carrier solution across industries

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Genvia technology

The push for cleaner energy—what's the solution?

As organizations around the world push for cleaner energy and decarbonization, more and more alternatives are introduced every day. The problem with many of these approaches is that they’re too narrow in scope or difficult to scale. Changes need to be made at the industry level and higher, but you know that.

Scaling decarbonization

Together with our partners in advanced research and industrial players, SLB leverages its established engineering and manufacturing expertise to contribute to Genvia clean hydrogen production technology. Genvia technology was created to enable organizations, industries, and nations to meet and exceed their decarbonization goals through large-scale green hydrogen production—without CO2 emissions.

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Genvia technology

Efficiency. Performance. Decarbonization.

Genvia tackles the challenge to make clean energy changes at scale by speeding up cost-efficient green hydrogen production. Its high-temperature solid oxide electrolyzers and fuel cells technology aims to achieve the most efficient energy system possible, ensuring you use much less electricity per kilogram of hydrogen produced and helping you eliminate CO2 emissions. 

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