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Third-generation Reda HPS

Horizontal multistage surface pumps

Third-generation Reda HPS.
Reda HPS
Horizontal multistage surface pumping system

Generation-3 Reda HPS™ pumps increase reliability and enable updates in the field. This multistage centrifugal pump provides a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications, from simple water injection to more complex refinery services and crude oil transfer. It is an efficient alternative to split‐case, vertical turbine, and positive displacement pumps.

Third-generation Reda HPS.
A modular design, increased reliability, and large operating range make the third-generation Reda HPS pump an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Generation-3 Reda HPS pumps are prepackages units, providing a whole system from a single‐source vendor and arrive preassembled to your site. The unit is typically prewired with instruments and cabling to a central junction box. Intake and discharge flanges and power hookups are usually the only required connections.

When necessary, major components can be replaced or resized within 2–3 hours to track changes in applications. Because of the modular design and factory alignment, restarting the pump is simple. Designed for years of trouble‐free service, the third-generation Reda HPS surface pump requires no daily maintenance. There are no V‐belts or packing to service, and a typical routine maintenance schedule consists of a quarterly lubricant change for the thrust chamber and component check. The consistent performance and low vibration extend equipment life and greatly reduce the chance of leakage from associated piping.

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