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Gas treatment

Process carbon for storage with speed and precision

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Treatment solutions rooted in science

Once carbon is captured, proper gas treatment ensures proper storage. Trust the treatment process to innovative systems and expertise.

SLB offers both membrane and amine gas treatment systems with specifications to meet any need. Using industry-leading tech, we have the power to separate CO2 with field-proven 99% average uptime, creating a carbon stream that’s ready for storage.

Our products and services

  • Horizontally and vertically oriented Cynara H2S and CO2 separation membranes.
    H2S and CO2 separation membranes

    Separate acid gases from produced natural gas without chemicals. View

  • Amine gas sweetening system
    Amine Gas Treating Systems
    Standard and customized gas-treating designs

    Prepare natural gas for transport and use by removing CO2, H2S, and mercaptans. View

  • Interior of an SLB production chemicals laboratory.
    Oil and Gas Production Chemicals and Services
    Maximize production from reservoir to refinery

    Improve and assure production more safely with chemistry technologies, software, and mechanical solutions. View

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