Amine Gas Treating Systems

Standard and customized gas-treating designs

Amine gas treatment

Prepare natural gas for commercialization

Custom and standard amine gas sweetening systems remove CO2 and H2S, resulting in gas with <2-mol% CO2 and <4-ppm H2S. Efficiently removing CO2, H2S, and mercaptans makes the gas suitable for transportation and use.

The amine plant can be installed as a stand-alone component or as a part of an integrated processing system. We can custom engineer solutions for amine recirculation rates above 700 galUS/min [2.64 m3/min], and we offer five standardized designs for rates below 700 galUS/min. Years of gas sweetening expertise is built into the design and engineering of our standardized gas plants. So you can expect to achieve performance comparable to a custom-designed sweetening plant.

Amine treating advantages

  • Various heat sources (direct-fired, waste heat, hot oil, and steam systems) can be used for the still reboiler.
  • Customized plants can be designed to customer specification while maintaining fast delivery. 
  • Our amine systems can meet required CO2 and H2S levels operating with multiple solvent types and recirculation rates.
  • Standard system designs reduce manufacturing and commissioning times.
  • Amine systems are easily combined with other technologies into hybrid systems for many sizes of gas sweetening projects.
Amine Gas Sweetening Systems with no heaters