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Surface testing

Accurate, efficient measurements for better reservoir characterization

Surface well testing unit with people in the desert
Man faces camera, surrounded by surface testing equipment

Surface well testing is the only technique available today that assesses the true reservoir potential at full scale under dynamic conditions. It validates well performance during cleanup and commissioning and provides reservoir monitoring for better field management.

With a wide variety of surface well testing equipment available for exploration and appraisal operations through development and production campaigns, SLB has the technology and the expertise to acquire accurate and reliable surface well test measurements during each phase of the field's development while meeting the most stringent HSE regulations in complex conditions and challenging environments.

Surface testing offerings

Advanced control options to reduce risk

Optimal retention, cleaner phases, better measurements

Advanced flowback services

Achieve your well test objectives with a minimized footprint

Understand reservoir potential to reduce your risks

Well testing reinvented with the fully automated well testing platform