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Multiphase sampling equipment

PhaseSampler Multiphase Fluid Sampling and Analysis

Eliminate the measurement uncertainties of phase separation with multiphase sampling and analysis at live flowline conditions.

Capture PVT-quality samples of multiphase fluids directly from the flowline—and measure them onsite

PhaseSampler multiphase sampling equipment collects PVT-quality samples of multiphase fluids at line conditions directly from the flowline and measures the key properties of oil, water, and gas densities and liquid viscosity.

Comprehensive PhaseSampler multiphase sampling and analysis services
Comprehensive PhaseSampler multiphase sampling equipment and analysis services generate measurements that enable you to realize the full potential of multiphase well testing.
Multiphase sampling equipment
Three PhaseSampler probes
Three PhaseSampler equipment probes are positioned in a special configuration across the flow path to allow the collection of multiphase samples.

Rugged, compact PhaseSampler equipment positions three sampling probes across the flowline to collect phase-representative samples, as confirmed by optical monitoring and performed under controlled temperature and pressure to maintain thermodynamic equilibrium. The samples are then flashed to measure key basic fluid properties or they can be transferred to shipping bottles for laboratory analysis.

From heavy oils to volatile oils and gas condensates, PhaseSampler equipment measures the oil, water, and gas densities and the liquid viscosity at line conditions. This dynamic fluid profile is converted to standard conditions for the accurate determination of oil, water, and gas flow rates; gas/oil ratio; and basic sediment in water. No volumetric conversion factors are employed, so no uncertainties are introduced to your well test results.

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PhaseSampler equipment can be paired with PhaseTester portable multiphase well testing equipment for highly accurate single-point flowmeter measurement.

PVT Express onsite well fluid analysis service can provide comprehensive fluid analysis data from the samples in a matter of hours to avoid sample transportation logistics and the wait for laboratory analysis.

PhaseTester Portable Multiphase Well Testing Equipment
PhaseTester portable multiphase well testing equipment.