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Autonomous well integrity logging

Casing and corrosion evaluation

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The future of well integrity logging

Wireline well integrity logging becomes more challenging as wells increase in depth, tortuosity, and complexity. SLB has reinvented well integrity management—delivering the industry's first digital platform for well intervention that leverages the power of edge computing, digitalization, automation, and Neuro™ autonomous solutions to significantly reduce risk and improve operational performance.

Photo of winch and data acquisition run autonomously.
Winch and data acquisition operations run autonomously

Fully autonomous operation with a single click

Neuro solutions deliver end-to-end autonomous well integrity logging that applies the industry’s most advanced machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to downhole data. Data acquisition is fully automated with correlation, processing, and reporting handled by our Performance Live™ digitally connected service centers, for real-time remote wellsite operations control.

With autonomous operations, the wireline winch is fully automated, eliminating the risk of unintentional pulloff. An autospooling system uses an ML algorithm to further derisk operations. A tension model, updated in real time, ensures full understanding of the conveyance risk and adjusts parameters accordingly. Well integrity logging tool parameters are automatically adjusted based on the downhole environment, removing the need to manually adjust for potential errors. AI planning is used so that if a logging program cannot be followed, the system proposes the best remedial plan based on ML from all previous operations, delivering the highest performance with the lowest operational risk.

Diagram of the digital operations ecosystem.
Continuous learning and improvement ecosystemleveraging innovative digital technologies

Actionable insights delivered in hours, not days

Redefine what’s possible in cement evaluation with connected, intelligent system-level optimization. By seamlessly combining innovative hardware and advanced digital technologies, intelligent cement and casing evaluation delivers insights in hours, not days. With built-in autonomous processing, your data are analyzed automatically and in real time—while the tools are still downhole. And interactive online reports ensure timely, confident decision making.

With the latest edge computing hardware, our autonomous well integrity logging even brings data processing and contextualization to remote locations where data transmission is a challenge, with results delivered when conditions improve. These autonomous technologies enable the most effective and efficient interventions, significantly improving your planning process, and reducing CO2 footprint by reducing travel to the wellsite.

Digital makes the difference

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