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Production operations

Anticipate and execute the tasks that matters the most with edge computing—in real time, in time, all the time

Production Operations
We’re building on decades of domain experience to bring you best-in-class digital production solutions

Driving intelligence in remote operations from edge to enterprise

Operators have long been familiar with the challenges linking physical infrastructure to the digital world in remote locations. Yet still, the more remote operations are, the slower your data travels. With increased investments in IoT and the integration of sensors into aging assets, your bandwidth faces ever greater pressure. But with intelligent field operations solutions you can reduce this pressure with real-time insights right where your data is generated, enabling you to anticipate and execute the tasks that matter most, in real time, in time, all the time.

At SLB we can help you unlock the value of intelligence with edge artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT solutions. As the leader in edge AI solutions built for the industry, we deliver real-time remote operations and intelligent asset solutions that bridge the gap to a more sustainable and safer operations, lowering the carbon and human footprint while increasing operational efficiency.

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Unlock peak performance, and enhance lifespan and efficiency of artificial lift systems with industry leading edge and AI capabilities

Minimize flow integrity related production losses and associated costs of well workover and intervention while improving the efficiency of operations team by intelligently monitoring well flow and managing chemical treatment processes

AI powered detailed analytics and real-time alerts reduce operational downtime and personnel injuries linked with unsafe behaviors

Proactively improve your emissions compliance by quantifying and reporting flare parameters, including flare size and gas rate while enhancing flare efficiency

Elevate your production performance to new heights by integrating your systems with connected assets and rapidly unlock the value AI and physics-based intelligence can bring to your real time operations

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