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Oil and gas production chemicals and services

For flow assurance and asset integrity in oil and gas applications

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The right production chemistry solution for every application

Maximize production and extend the life of your assets—while lowering total cost of ownership and operational impact—with effective production chemistry from the experts. We understand that your production assets are dynamic. That's why we’ve created a comprehensive portfolio of production chemistry products and services. Designed for the continuously evolving life cycle of your asset, they drive sustainability, profitability, and efficiency at every step along your production journey.

Production chemicals. Full service.

Our integrated chemistry technologies and services support your asset integrity and flow assurance objectives across your oil and gas operations—from the reservoir to the refinery—regardless of complexity or geography.

Teams of specialists with production chemistry expertise work with you to develop products and services that align with your objectives. We collaborate to design integrated strategies that anticipate and address potential production issues, no matter how complex. The result is differentiated solutions that improve your business performance today and for the long term.

Our services

Comprehensive portfolio of solutions for corrosion inhibition, bacteria management, and H2S removal

Solutions to inhibit or remove scale, paraffin, asphaltene, hydrates, naphthenates, and other deposits

Chemicals to help dehydrate and desalt oil, deliquefy gas wells, degas fluids, improve flow, and clean produced water

Chemicals for selective removal of H2S or mercury

Umbilical-friendly production chemicals address challenges such as scale, corrosion, wax, asphaltene deposition, and hydrates in extreme subsea conditions

Optimize chemical injection by leveraging innovative edge intelligence, cloud-based visualization, and autonomous data-driven actions

Flexible, agile, and fit for purpose, our services and solutions are built to meet your requirements and backed by the quality and reliability of supply you'd expect from a global leader in production chemistry.