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Well integrity evaluation

Intelligent cement and casing evaluation

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Well integrity throughout the asset life cycle

Cement and casing are critical components of a well’s barrier envelope. Cement bond logs (CBL) and ultrasonic cement evaluation logs deployed on wireline determine zonal isolation by evaluating the cement-to-casing bond. The most common barrier material in the well annulus is cement. However, CBL and ultrasonic logs can also evaluate the casing bond to other barrier materials such as salt or shale.

Intelligent cement and casing evaluation enables you to confirm hydraulic isolation, avoid potential problems, and eliminate unnecessary remedial cementing jobs. High-resolution azimuthal coverage from our ultrasonic cement evaluation identifies cement channels as small as 5°. Advanced electromagnetic casing inspection tools identify corrosion- and drilling-induced wear by measuring the inside diameter and thickness of the casing. And our multifinger mechanical caliper tools take highly accurate radial measurements of the casing’s internal diameter to identify corrosion, scale, and solids buildup in real-time or memory mode.

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Wellbore Insights

Turn insights into action

Often, the clear picture from wellbore data only appears once processed data are put into context. Wellbore Insights on Delfi™ provides advanced interpretation and contextualization of data in real time, so you can get the answers you need to confirm your well’s barrier status.

Intelligent cement and casing evaluation delivers insights in hours instead of days. With built-in autonomous processing, your data are analyzed automatically and in real time—while the tools are still downhole. And interactive online reports ensure timely, confident decision making.

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