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Delfi digital platform

Open, scalable, and secure, cloud-based software environment with 24/7 operational support

 DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment

Introduction to Delfi

The DelfiTM digital platform brings you the world’s best apps, AI, data management, and physics-based science for oil and gas exploration, development, drilling, production, midstream—and energy transition solutions. Developed by domain experts for domain experts, it is an open, scalable, and secure, cloud-based software environment with 24/7 operational support. 

Seamlessly connecting people, data, and leading software applications The Delfi platform enables teams to collaborate more effectively. Customers using the platform have significantly reduced their cycle times, accelerated innovation, and achieved increased business performance at global scale. 

The Delfi platform is delivered via a flexible and personalized SaaS subscription model.

Delfi Digital overview

Success stories

  • Shushufindi adopts subsurface workflows on Delfi for optimized drilling campaign
    Generate an optimized field development plan for a drilling campaign to increase the recovery factor.

    CSSFD was able to generate an optimized field development plan for a new drilling campaign, to increase the recovery factor, targeting bypassed oil in the attic. View

  • Cepsa
    Cepsa adopts On Demand Reservoir Simulation on Delfi™ to drastically accelerate reservoir simulation activities

    In this case study, the focus of reservoir simulation activity is an offshore shallow water field, producing both crude oil and condensate. View

  • Shaya adopts Delfi for faster run times, enhanced collaboration, and better decision-making
    More informed operational decisions by drastically reducing modeling and simulation times

    More informed operational decisions by drastically reducing modeling and simulation times. View

Delfi openness
To empower rapid and continuous improvement in the development of energy resources we are committed to openness. Through the Delfi digital platform, we’ve given people across our industry the power to collaborate seamlessly across disciplines—we’ve provided shared access to knowledge, data, and vast expertise across global domains through software development toolkits and API’s. Now, better solutions can be created faster. Efficiency and productivity enhancements across entire operations become possible. Openness enables us to accelerate the pace at which the energy industry adapts to change.
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  • Field data on screen.
    AI in Delfi
    Artificial intelligence for the energy industry

    Integrate the world’s best AI into one open, scalable experience. View

  •  DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment
    OSDU Data Platform
    Accelerating digital transformation in E&P

    Accelerating digital transformation in E&P. View

Delfi security
The Delfi digital platform is built and deployed with the security of your data and project-related information as our top priority. With our SOC 2 type 2 accreditation and proven protect-detect-respond approach, enabling comprehensive cybersecurity measures at all levels of architecture and service management, you can perform a wide array of tasks for E&P and energy transition workflows in the Delfi platform with reliable access and data protection
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Delfi solutions
Delfi provides customers with unique solutions built around key E&P disciplines – planning and constructing wells, developing fields, optimizing production and managing corporate decisions. These solutions are supported by applications focused on more specialized activities such as drilling interpretation and data management. All were built from the ground up to take full advantage of the collaborative, cognitive, open and secure nature of the Delfi platform.
All solutions
  •  DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment
    Coherent well planning solution

    Produce better-quality drilling programs in minutes. View

  • Digital drilling solutions
    Intelligent well delivery and insights

    Intelligent well delivery and insights. View

  •  DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment
    Agile field development planning solution

    Transforming business processes to accelerate performance. View

  •  DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment
    Domain profiles on Delfi

    Domain profiles on Delfi View

  •  DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment
    Transforming production operations performance

    Transforming production operations performance. View

Digital services
Digital transformation is driving rapid change in E&P and into rapidly expanding businesses in the energy transition, maximizing efficiencies and effectiveness to deliver previously inconceivable improvements and cost savings across entire global operations. The journey to digital requires experience and understanding in all related technologies and domains. With over 40 years’ experience, we have vast expertise in digital transformation, and are in a unique position to deliver digital success for our customers through Delfi Services.
    Accelerating AI adoption for the energy industry

    Accelerating AI adoption for the energy industry. View

  • Digital Transformation Consulting
    Digital transformation consulting
    Realizing the business value of digital innovation across the exploration and production lifecycle

    Realizing the business value of digital innovation across the exploration and production lifecycle. View

  • Transition Services Card
    Transition Services
    Supporting your implementation of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment

    Our Transition Services team has extensive experience in helping customers achieve vastly increased potential through transition to cloud-based computing. View

  • Operations Services
    Operations Services
    Built on global standards and best practices to help accelerate your E&P productivity

    We provide targeted support options for your end users and teams, to support your day-to-day operations. View