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Innovation across industries

Renowned for our innovative services and solutions, at SLB, we have the technological expertise and proven products to serve industries beyond oil and gas. Our portfolio of transformative technologies isn't confined to one sector but is adaptable across a range of essential industries. Whether it's precision drilling in mining or optimizing road construction, our solutions drive efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

This versatility aligns with the world's evolving needs for smarter and socially responsible solutions. By integrating environmentally sound practices and renewable resources, we mitigate environmental footprints while maximizing operational efficiency.

Through energy-efficient machinery and waste-reducing technologies, we lead the charge toward a more sustainable future for industries worldwide.

Our products

  • Durable PCD-tipped picks for road construction.
    PCD-Tipped Picks Specifically Designed for Road Construction
    MegaDiamond PCD-tipped picks deliver greater efficiency and productivity on road construction projects

    MegaDiamond PCD-tipped picks for road construction increase productivity, reduce wear and tear on equipment. View

  • Empowering mining operations with diamond-based technologies.
    Diamond Buttons and Diamond Inserts for the Mining Industry
    Impact- and wear-resistant diamond buttons and diamond dome inserts for the mining industry

    Providing a range of diamond buttons and diamond dome inserts in various shapes, sizes, and grades for mining. View

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