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Industry-proven diamond buttons and dome inserts provide excellent impact resistance and wear resistance

Industrial diamond products for the mining industry

The advent of diamond materials revolutionized the mining industry, offering a solution to the challenge of rapid tool wear when drilling through tough rock formations. Our MegaDiamond products introduced groundbreaking innovations such as diamond dome inserts. These inserts, tailored for blasthole drilling techniques such as down-the-hole (DTH) and top hammer methods, as well as reverse circulation (RC) exploration drilling, marked a significant leap forward in efficiency and durability.

Overcoming mining's biggest drilling challenges

Whether it's optimizing percussion drill bits, enhancing rotary roller cone bits, or fine-tuning depth-of-cut-limiting applications in polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits, we offer a comprehensive suite of diamond buttons and diamond dome inserts. Our extensive range encompasses various shapes, sizes, and grades, ensuring that we can tailor our offerings to address your specific mining challenges.

Wide range of diamond buttons and diamond dome inserts shown for use in the mining industry.
For percussion, rotary roller cone, or depth-of-cut-limiting applications in PDC bits, we offer diamond insert solutions tailored to your drilling needs, available in various shapes, sizes, and grades.

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