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Comprehensive physical and digital rock and fluid analysis services for the life of your reservoir

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Rock and fluid analysis to support your reservoir characterization objectives

At multiple laboratories around the world, we support a wide range of customer reservoir characterization projects. Equipment includes both industry standards and our advanced proprietary technologies for conducting the appropriate investigation of your reservoir's rock and fluids. Our global and local expertise, standardized operating procedures, quality control, quality assurance, and reporting processes are fully backed by the extensive Schlumberger research, development, and engineering capabilities.

Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories | A Plug's Life
Give your core samples the rock star treatment with Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories.
Digital Special Core Analysis (SCAL)
SLB uses digital special core analysis (SCAL) to take actual physical core measurements and digitally replicate them to simulate testing for multiple scenarios.

Analytical quality built in to improve your reservoir understanding

Throughout our laboratories, the quality of analysis is ensured by highly trained and qualified technologists, including subject matter experts on a growing range of rock and fluid specialties. Our approach of hiring the best people and providing them with advanced training enhances our development of engineers and specialists with expertise in both rock and fluid analysis. The result is analysis with uniquely valuable perspectives.

Standardized processes built on industry best practices further support data quality and efficient, accurate analyses. Scientific rigor and attention to detail enable Schlumberger to provide accurate and insightful information that can help you better understand your reservoir. This improved understanding is a proven path to better drilling, development, and production decisions.

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