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Give your core samples the rock star treatment with Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratories.

Laboratory services to support your reservoir characterization and production objectives

The Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratory in Houston, Texas, provides laboratory analysis services for the most demanding field development projects in challenging environments, including deepwater Gulf of Mexico and offshore Africa. With an integrated suite of laboratory services, advanced technologies, regional and international expertise, and strict QA/QC processes, the Houston facility supports a wide range of reservoir characterization and production studies that contribute to better-informed decisions across the E&P life cycle.

Man analyzing rock and fluid properties at computer.

Accurately measuring both fluid and rock properties for maximizing recovery and optimizing production for the life of your reservoir

Person analyzing fluid samples.

Fit-for-purpose reservoir fluid analysis

Advanced aqueous and petroleum geochemistry capabilities ensure that a variety of reservoir fluid characterization studies can be performed at one location. Laboratory personnel aim to better understand industry requirements and challenges by collaborating with regional experts, Schlumberger global advisors, and operators. Every project performed at the reservoir laboratory—from routine PVT analysis to complex integrated fluids characterization—is considered unique, leading to fit-for-purpose solutions built around a customized sampling and analysis program.

Man analyzing core samples.

Core analysis for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs

The Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratory in Houston is a global center of excellence for rock and core analysis, delivering a wide range of services from field core acquisition to analytical measurements. The Houston laboratory supports a wide range of reservoir characterization projects, with standardized processes built on industry best practices and unparalleled data quality and analyses.

The facility has core analysis capabilities for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs with emphasis on enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and digital core analysis. Digital rock analysis and physical laboratory measurement are performed under the same roof, enabling personnel to optimize the use of technology so that customers can better understand reservoir issues. From whole core to nanopore, the Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratory in Houston provides the information necessary to reduce risk, simplify operations, and improve field productivity.