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Embedded Partners and Suppliers

Leading innovation, resiliency, and customer performance through our supply chain

Schlumberger engages the global and local supply base in different ways, from supplier contracts through to initiatives like our Supplier Innovation Program, in order to deliver innovation, agility, and customer to the market.

Supplier Innovation Program

Schlumberger’s key supplier along with Schlumberger business leaders come together to discuss joint projects and innovative solutions that will drive improved performance for customers – and create mutual value for Schlumberger and its partners. As the energy industry continues to evolve rapidly, the Supplier Innovation Program focuses on driving high performance in a sustainable manner through three main channels: collaboration, innovation, and value.

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Initiate a new way of working with partners that is built on trust and respect, and mutually beneficial. 


Leverage innovation capabilities of our partners and their expertise to solve problems in new, groundbreaking ways.


Create concrete value through lasting partnerships to address our most critical business needs in a resilient manner.

How to participate in the Supplier Innovation Program
If you have an innovative idea that can help us together become more agile and leaders in sustainability, reach out to your Schlumberger supplier manager or send an inquiry to the email below.
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