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Geothermal intervention

Extend the life of your geothermal wells

Geothermal intervention.

Ensure long-term production through expert intervention

Geothermal fields can have long lifespans, with some operating for more than 50 years. Over time, they undergo changes in operating conditions and integrity due to fluid chemistry, pressure, enthalpy, degrading cement conditions, and other factors that may cause costs to escalate or production to decline. In response, well interventions are crucial for your geothermal field to maximize well production while maintaining the integrity of your wells.

At SLB, we harness our deep domain expertise, technology resources, and digital workflows to deliver holistic geothermal well intervention solutions to enhance production, safeguard well integrity, and boost well longevity.

Services and products that protect your investment

Whether you require coiled tubing cleanouts, sidetracking, deepening of your geothermal wells, assessing the cement integrity of your production casing, or restoring well integrity with a casing patch, SLB offers an extensive range of well intervention services and products designed to meet any challenge in your geothermal operations.

Expert solutions for the life of the well

Illuminating the reservoir with detailed understanding

Trust your geothermal project to leading software and expertise

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Optimize performance for the long term