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Lost Circulation Solutions

Bridge thief zones that can lead to lost circulation while drilling and cementing

Lost Circulation

Uncontrolled loss can propagate damage deep into the reservoir, impacting an operation’s budget and work schedule. Schlumberger effective, customized lost circulation solutions mitigate loss of drilling fluid to help you avoid stuck pipe, mud losses, and remedial work. Our solutions suit  a wide range of environments, including natural fractures, dolomite and carbonate zones, rubble zones, depleted reservoirs, and reservoirs with known lost circulation issues.

Cure lost circulation and reduce drilling costs

Fluid loss into a naturally fractured rock requires a different treatment compared with loss into porous or vuggy formations, and treatment techniques can be limited by wellbore temperatures and application times. We develop an understanding of your reservoir formation and identify the type and cause of the lost circulation problem to offer a permanent or temporary solution that will fit into the life cycle of your well.

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