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Real-Time Operations Support

Stay informed for monitoring, modeling, and managing operations

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New operational efficiencies and collaborative opportunities

The situational awareness that comes from access to wellsite data as it is being acquired means that you have the information necessary for timely, well-founded decision making. The results: optimal performance, lower costs, and minimized risks.

Providing real-time data and answers to help our customers get it right the first time is the core of our business. With significant investments in a global real-time infrastructure, we’ve combined domain expertise, advanced processes, and leading technologies to remotely monitor, model, and manage advanced technologies and
operations in real time, 24/7, regardless of location. Our full range of real-time-enabled products and services provides instant data to predict, diagnose, and take immediate action when situations occur for more efficient and effective operations.

ReSOLVE real-time operations data
The ReSOLVE service log documents the real-time anchor and linear actuator measurements of force and displacement, respectively, while unsetting the plug and equalizing to clearly show precise control of the operation and confirmation of the tasks performed.

Real time. 24/7. Regardless of location.

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