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Geothermal well construction consulting services

Improve geothermal drilling

Geothermal well construction.

Crack the challenges of geothermal drilling

Carrying out a reliable geothermal well construction project is no easy task—even if our experts make it look that way. We leverage our GeothermEx™ geothermal consulting services to get it done right. Our expertise enables

  • optimal drilling performance using unique drill bit designs in different types of hard rock and sedimentary rock
  • operating in high temperatures by using durable, corrosion-resistant equipment for long-term operational stability that withstands pressure and temperature cycles
  • drilling more reliably and accurately to reach drilling targets—whether they are shallow, simple wells, or complex multilateral wells for enhanced or advanced geothermal systems (EGS and AGS).

Our drilling expertise runs deep

We provide everything from early consultation to complete management of all aspects of planning, drilling, logging, and testing. Our experts have supported everything from single-well drilling and workover operations to field development programs. We have a long history of delivering wells on time and within budget, with more than 200,000 m (650,000 feet) of geothermal exploration, production, and injection wells.

GeothermEx services have been involved in 70% of all operating geothermal power projects worldwide.

Tap into the earth’s energy with confidence

Powerful tech and expert knowledge come together in our wide-ranging, dependable drilling consulting services.

The right solutions for your drilling campaign

Our drilling engineers provide services for the full life cycle of constructing geothermal wells.

Budgeting, wellsite selection, and targeting
Drilling design, planning, permitting, documentation, management, and troubleshooting
Rig specifications and equipment requirements
Preparation of bidding specifications and management of bidding process
Procurement of geothermal well construction services and equipment
Well completion and site restoration
Workover programs and other remedial activities