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Directional drilling services

Reach and stay in the productive zone faster and more efficiently

Illustration showing the DJ Basin, just one directional drilling innovation boosted ROP while drilling each of 12 wells in single runs—vertical through the curve and into the lateral.
Achieve precise directional control

SLB provides the expert directional drilling services needed for high-quality wellbores that stay in the “sweet spot”—your optimal production zone. Our proven trajectory control technologies provide precise directional control using our LWD and MWD services that deliver high-quality data, enabling time-critical decisions for accurate drilling of extended-reach horizontal and complex directional wells.

Our directional drilling technologies

We have unmatched capabilities that integrate well construction digitization and technologies such as at-bit steerable systems and definitive dynamic surveying. We invented the rotary steerable system, and we now lead the industry with groundbreaking autonomous directional drilling. Additionally, we closely collaborate with directional drillers and directional-drilling contractors using real-time analysis solutions to monitor downhole conditions, manage BHA dynamics, improve casing-point selection, and reduce drilling risks—all enhancing drilling optimization.

Optimize the wellbore path

Our advanced BHA instruments can measure the path of the wellbore in three-dimensional space and map volumetric data on a reservoir scale; see up to 100 ft ahead of our innovative drill bits; make geosteering adjustments autonomously; and provide data links to communicate these downhole measurements to the surface. And it all enables the directional driller to optimize the wellbore path with pinpoint accuracy no matter the reservoir, no matter how complex the well, no matter how long the lateral. Read this case study demonstrating how SLB’s directional drilling capabilities extend your reach for better well economics.

Photo of Raul Suarez, Well Construction Product Manager Drilling Tools

Stay in your sweet spot

Raul Suarez is our directional drilling expert. Learn how our capabilities, technologies, and systems can help you drill to TD in less time while staying in your optimal production zone.

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Enhanced Technologies for Improved Well Economics with Repeatability, Reliability, and Reduced Carbon.

At-bit steerable systems

Integrated steering and cutting structure technology for unprecedented DLS capability, durability, and ROP.

  • NeoSteer at-bit steerable systems
    At-bit steerable systems

    NeoSteer at-bit steerable systems eliminate BHA reconfigurations between curve and lateral sections. View

  • The NeoSteer CL curve and lateral at-bit steerable system.
    NeoSteer CL curve and lateral at-bit steerable system
    High build rates, increased on-bottom drilling speed, and extended lateral lengths with the NeoSteer CL system

    Drill both the curve and lateral sections in a faster single run with the NeoSteer CL system. View

  • The NeoSteer CLx extreme curve and lateral at-bit steerable system.
    NeoSteer CLx system improves control and reaction time
    Drill the curve and lateral in a single run and eliminate the need to change out the BHA for every section

    The NeoSteer CLx system enables operators to drill extreme high-dogleg curves and laterals. View

Rotary steerable systems

RSS offerings for maximum directional control.

  • Achieve precise wellbore positioning on any rig type worldwide.
    PowerDrive Orbit
    Rotary steerable system

    Achieve precise wellbore positioning on any rig type worldwide. View

  • Close up of pads on PowerDrive Orbit G2
    PowerDrive Orbit G2
    Rotary steerable system

    Leverage increased abrasion resistance, higher DLS for tighter curves, and better directional control while lowering emissions. View

  • Close up of the stabilizer section of the PowerDrive Xcel RSS
    PowerDrive Xcel
    Rotary steerable system

    Maintain tight directional control through the magnetic zone of exclusion and monitor stick/slip, shock, and vibration. View

  • Close-up rendering that highlights the core components of a PowerDrive vorteX system: the RSS, drilling motor, and PDC bit
    PowerDrive vorteX Max
    High-powered rotary steerable system

    This high-powered system is the only fully rotating RSS that delivers higher ROP with more power, improved downhole reaction, and tighter directional control. View

  • A BHA with PDC bit and PowerDrive Archer RSS curving toward us through a blue computerized tunnel
    PowerDrive Archer
    High build rate rotary steerable system

    Drill complex curves and trajectories and sidetrack without making an extra trip. View

  • A Schlumberger technician working on the internal components of a PowerDrive ICE RSS
    PowerDrive ICE
    UltraHT rotary steerable system

    Improve performance in ultraHT wells with a fully rotating RSS that operates normally at 200 degC [392 degF]. View

  • Looking down onto the rig floor where a Schlumberger technician is guiding a PowerV vertical drilling RSS BHA into the hole
    Vertical drilling rotary steerable system

    Actively and automatically maintain verticality from surface to TD through automatic inclination control. View

Drilling optimization services

Real-time analysis solutions.

  • Offshore platform at night
    Well construction performance service

    Monitor and analyze processes and downhole conditions in real time. View

  • OptiDrill Real-Time Drilling  Intelligence Service
    Real-time drilling intelligence service

    Manage downhole conditions and BHA dynamics while drilling using actionable, integrated data displayed on a rigsite dashboard. View

  • Suppressor dampening tool.
    Suppressor dampening tool
    Absorb and reduce torsional vibration

    Improving BHA tool reliability while enabling PDC cutters to stay sharp for faster, longer drilling. View

  • Suppressor flex dampening tool.
    Suppressor flex dampening tool
    Eliminates the need for additional tools and connections within the BHA

    High-frequency torsional dampening flex sub designed to improve efficiency without impacting BHA design. View

  • Schock vibration reduction sub promo card
    Shock Sub
    Impact and vibration reduction tool

    Reduce impact loads produced during milling and drilling operations, increase ROP, and extend equipment life. View

Casing-drilling and liner-drilling technology

Drilling motors

Motors that enhance torque output and directional control.

We offer a large variety of fit-for-purpose positive displacement motors for high-volume and high-tier applications. These motors not only provide improved reliability for extended run intervals, they may also be paired with DynaForce DTX thin-wall motor power sections and DynaPower motors elastomers to deliver performance in the harshest drilling environments.

Additionally, combining our high-performance drilling motors with the ability to model application- or basin-specific motors means we can provide unique solutions to satisfy any customer need.

A rendering of a drilling BHA with bit and drilling motor moving through a rock formation
  • DynaForce high-performance drilling motors.
    High-performance drilling motors

    DynaForce high-performance drilling motors outperform conventional motors in high-volume drilling and harsh environments. View

  • A manufacturing technician examining a rack holding dozens of small-diameter drilling motor rotors
    Steerable motors

    Meet the demanding criteria of directional drilling and other applications with innovative motor technology. View


Neyrfor turbodrilling systems that increase rpm.

  • Neyrfor turbodrilling systems.
    Turbodrilling systems

    Turn up your drilling power in geothermal, abrasive, and hard rock formations with Neyrfor Turbodrilling Systems. View

  • Three transparent-skinned Neyrfor thru-tubing turbodrills exposing the complex mechanism inside
    Neyrfor TTT Thru-Tubing Turbodrill
    Slimhole system that withstands harsh conditions

    Efficiently convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy for improved ROP and efficiency. View