RSS Drilling: PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable System | SLB

PowerDrive Orbit

Rotary steerable system

Close up of the actuators on a PowerDrive Orbit RSS inside a wellbore.

Performance drilling with enhanced trajectory control

The PowerDrive Orbit™ rotary steerable system (RSS) provides extra reliability in complex operations where stick/slip, severe shock and torque, and complex hydraulic systems are significant risks. With dual downlink options, including the  QuikDownlink continuous-circulation downlink service, it fulfills all commands from surface in any rig type, enables real-time decision making, and provides excellent trajectory control.

Real-time data for accurate well positioning

The PowerDrive Orbit RSS provides six-axis continuous survey and azimuth measurements that, together with automated downhole closed loops that include hold inclination and azimuth mode, optimize outcomes for well placement, trajectory control, and smoother boreholes. PowerDrive Orbit RSS minimizes dogleg severity in laterals, enables early control, and drives consistency in drilling operations. Extended gamma ray measurement provides early identification of zones of interest. 

  • Innovative pad design with metal-to-metal sealing to handle corrosive drilling fluids and severe downhole conditions
  • Expanded revolution rate limits, supporting up to 350 rev/min for higher ROP and stick and slip control
  • Six-axis continuous inclination and azimuth measurements for better true-vertical-depth (TVD) definition and accurate well positioning
  • Dual downlink options to fulfill all commands from surface in any rig type
  • Curves and laterals
  • High-performance drilling
  • Complex fluid systems
  • Extended-reach drilling
Maximum pressure: 30,000 psi [207 MPa]
Maximum rotational speed: 350 rpm
Maximum temperature: 302 degF [150 degC]