Accelerating AI adoption for the energy industry

A world-class team of domain data and AI experts at your fingertips

With a world-class team of domain data and AI experts at your disposal, SLB offers digital solutions that are rapidly customized to meet our customers' needs for value realization at scale. One size does not fit all.

Imagine. Build. Deploy. Scale.

At our INNOVATION FACTORI locations, our experts develop integrated, highly customized, tailored solutions build for scale based on our customers’ unique needs for faster time to value.



With global presence, INNOVATION FACTORI provides mission-critical innovation services to our customers worldwide.

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See the impact of AI on your business
The breadth and depth of SLB domain and AI expertise is available to you through INNOVATION FACTORI. Our global network of digital experts and data scientists are ready to help overcome your digital workflow challenges with innovative new solutions.
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Maximizing subsurface ROI through rapid analysis of large ensembles
Using their domain knowledge, together with SLB’s software development expertise, the teams created a forecasting tool to identify and screen opportunities for investment across large ensembles of model realizations quickly and efficiently.

Boost your efficiency with bespoke AI and ML technologies

Tailored solutionsOur tailored solutions form a suite of proven, reusable, and customizable digital technologies that can accelerate business growth and time to value for customers.

Underpinned by our network of INNOVATION FACTORI centers, our tailored solutions use cutting-edge AI and machine learning techniques to deliver mature, deployable solutions to suit use cases across the energy industry.

Our comprehensive offering include dozens more tailored solutions. Contact us for more information.


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Permability log estimation

Permeability log estimation

Model super-k zones from a variety of open-hole log combinations calibrated with well tests.

Machine learning assisted history matching

Machine learning assisted history matching

Faster and more accurate history matching with physics-based machine learning. Enhance efficiency for large numbers of uncertainty parameters and large models of giant fields.

Horizontal well collaboration

Horizontal well calibration

Update static models quickly with new horizontal wells. Make faster decisions utilizing tooling that identifies problem wells in the process.


Machine learning assisted log quality control and reconstruction

Machine learning assisted log quality control and reconstruction

Ensure wellbore quality by using AI and machine learning solutions for reconstruction, uncertainty management, and efficiency enhancement.

Innovation services

Joint development and co-investment to create new AI and digital solutions for the energy industry

Innovation Factori
Innovation Workshops

Digital enhancements for your specific needs with advanced tech and deep expertise at your disposal,


Explore the impact of digital technologies and create usable outputs in one to two weeks through hands-on workshops and developer hackathons.

Innovation Factori
Innovation Projects

Collaborate with our experts to design and build AI and digital solutions—from prototypes to solutions deployed across your operations


Build digital solutions for your domain challenges and apply cutting-edge emerging digital technology to focused problems.

Innovation Factori
Innovation Co-development

Accelerating AI adoption for the energy industry


Joint development and co-investment to create new AI and digital solutions for the energy industry.


Increase teamwork and productivity

Open AI, data, and digital solutions for all domains can be created at INNOVATION FACTORI. Deploy your solutions on-premise, at the edge or on the cloud—including open systems, such as the OSDU™ Data Platform. Enable your teams to work better together, with access to the data and applications they need.

Change for the better

Our aim is to have a profound effect—to deliver a step-change in productivity for your business, and our shared industry challenges. INNOVATION FACTORI teams have been chosen for their creative and inquisitive minds. Their challenge is to find new ways to extract maximum value from AI for your business, improving your workflows for years to come.

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World Oil Best New Horizons Idea Award

We are proud to be recognized as a winner of 2022 World Oil award, click HERE for more information..