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Site safety advisor

AI powered detailed analytics and real-time alerts reduce operational downtime and personnel injuries linked with unsafe behaviors

Site Safety Advisor

AI powered detailed analytics and real-time alerts synchronized with operational activity not only expedite the implementation of positive behavioral changes but also reinforce them among your crew. Enhanced monitoring capabilities for operations spanning vast areas, significantly boosting response times in the event of accidents or non-conformance.

A set of AI applications that monitor people's safety and asset security at rigs, wellsite, or facilities. Live video feed from cameras is seamlessly synchronized with on-site operational activity in real time, generating instant insights, alarms, and reports ensuring unparalleled protection for both people and assets.

The solution uses high reliability AI workflows specially developed for rig and oilfield sites. Synchronization of HSE alerts with operational activity from other sensors delivers transformative safety monitoring. The solutions comes with end-to-end IT security compliance with dedicated deployment and maintenance services.

The solution can be easily extended in conjunction with other edge applications available with the flexibility for customers to develop their own apps using available SDK.

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