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Cementing for Well Decommissioning

Well integrity technology for plug and abandonment (P&A)

SLB operator turning a large well.
SLB operator working on well decommissioning equipment.
Trust Schlumberger cementing for plug and abandonment services and solutions.

Restore caprock integrity

When an operator assesses a mature reservoir and determines the output is no longer economically viable, the decommissioning phase is the next step. Among the many considerations is making sure the well abandonment process restores the seal at the caprock for long-term protection against potential fluids migration.

Wellbore isolation using cementing fluids is crucial to restoring the integrity of the reservoir caprock by sealing each well with a permanent, leak-free barrier, enabling the operator to meet compliance obligations. And because any intervention can be complex, Schlumberger offers a fully managed cementing service, along with a line of cement solutions for well plug and abandonment campaigns with varying intricacies.

Operator working on cementing equipment

Plug and Abandonment Catalog

From fully managed cementing services to a complete line of cement technologies, Schlumberger decommissioning solutions deliver long-term value.

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Choose a cementing partner that can manage unanticipated challenges

Effective decommissioning requires effective collaboration between the cementing team and the operator’s team. Mature wells often include unexpected surprises that require flexibility in isolation designs, products, and execution to achieve project objectives. When you work with Schlumberger, you know our experienced crews and global technical experts will work with you to manage the challenges and make your job a success.

Schlumberger also offers integrated well abandonment services with key technical offerings designed to keep costs—and risks—firmly under control.

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