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Leverage digital to scale CCUS around the world

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Digital is critical for planning and operating CCUS

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and International Energy Agency (IEA) agree that net zero will be virtually impossible to achieve without CCUS technology. Digital is critical for planning and operating these systems. Optimized digital twins enable cost-effective and rapid scale up, ensuring both safety and performance over the life of these projects.


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digital solutions for ccus

Digital Solutions for CCUS

End-to-end solutions to scale CCUS around the world.

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Products and services

  • Digital Sustainability Platform
    Accelerating industrial climate action

    Helping industrial sectors meet emissions reporting requirements, decarbonize, and scale new energy systems. View

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    Carbon Storage Screening and Ranking
    Screen and rank carbon storage sites with data and actionable insights

    Prioritize and strategically position your next CCUS project to help deliver on your decarbonization targets. View

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    Process, Compression & Flow Assurance Software
    Design and optimize your CO2 capture and transport facilities with state-of-the-art

    Gain deeper understanding of your CO2 capture and transport system, as part of an integrated system. View

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    Carbon Storage Evaluation
    Evaluate and optimize carbon storage

    Deliver low-cost, long-term, and reliable CO2 storage. View

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    Monitoring & Reporting Software
    Integrate your CCS strategy with MMV requirements

    Design and execute a cost-effective monitoring strategy, tailored to your project. View