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SEES | Methane Point Instrument

Detect and measure methane emissions precisely, in real time, 24/7

Continuous methane monitoring at a gas plant.

Locate, measure, and report emissions continuously from almost anywhere

SEES | Methane Point Instruments use Internet-of-Things (IoT)-enabled sensors to help you stop existing leaks and prevent new ones. The point instruments triangulate to locate the leak and measure its rate. They can be positioned up to 3 miles from the nearest cellular network tower to communicate with as many as 100 different well pads or locations within a 10-mile radius. The precommissioned multisensory instruments cut installation time and require no field intervention afterward. Additionally, the sensors’ simplicity and their corrosion-resistance and weatherproofing make the instruments highly reliable in a wide range of harsh operating environments.

Enjoy full autonomy, cybersecurity, and seamless access to our proprietary methane digital platform

SEES | Methane Point Instruments are fully autonomous and can integrate with existing IoT sensors in your infrastructure. Your data is transmitted to the cloud using the SLB cyber security network to provide continuous, secure, real-time data. The data is hosted and displayed within our SEES | Methane Digital Platform, where you can seamlessly access and manage monitoring services, data, and analytics.

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The ideal measurement plan for your facility depends on its size, type, location, climate, and proximity to other facilities. We work with you to identify the most effective suite of GHG emissions measurement technologies. These include drones, airplanes, satellites, handheld devices, sensors shared by multiple operators, and fixed sensors.

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