Methane point instrument

Report accurate methane emissions data continuously

SLB methane point instrument

Reporting methane emissions continuously

Many oilfield methane emissions come from sources that leak intermittently during normal operations. Continuous monitors can measure these emissions more accurately than is possible with mobile sensors mounted on satellites, airplanes, or drones. The methane point instrument from SLB End-to-end Emissions Solutions is a continuous methane monitoring system that uses IoT-enabled sensors to help you quickly and cost effectively detect, locate, and quantify these emissions. The instrument reports fully interpreted data specifying when the emission occurs, where the source is located, and the emission rate.

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The methane point instrument is built on a network of fully calibrated point sensors placed at the perimeter of the facility. The system consists of connectivity stations positioned up to 3 mi [4.8 km] from the nearest cellular network tower. These stations can communicate with as many as 200 sensors or locations within an 8-mi [12.9-km] radius.

Deployable almost anywhere. How it works.

Using IoT-enabled sensors placed at the perimeter of the facility, the instrument’s multisensor system detects methane, accurately triangulates the leak location, and quantifies the emission rate. The sensors measure methane concentration with high accuracy under all conditions relevant to the oil field, using an inversion algorithm optimized in one of the world’s largest wind tunnels.

Installation and commissioning typically require less than 8 hours and no onsite ground preparation. Pole installation employs ground anchors and no excavator or concrete is needed, reducing environmental impact. The precommissioned, fit-for-purpose system requires minimal intervention in the field and no intervention once installed, and lack of moving parts minimizes maintenance. Hardware and software precommissioning and optional industrial-grade solar power provide simplicity, ease of maintenance, and cost efficiency at the wellsite. Data are transmitted to the cloud via IoT transmission to provide continuous, secure, real-time data acquisition.

  • Detect, locate, and quantify methane leaks 24/7 in real time

For oil and gas production and processing facilities, onshore; and remote facilities almost anywhere worldwide.

  • Built-in calibration system prevents sensor drift.
  • Plume dispersion interpretation is calibrated in one of the world's largest wind tunnels to locate and quantify emissions with exceptional accuracy.
  • Streams data instantaneously once deployed and requires minimum customer interaction.
  • Long battery life, even under harsh conditions, is enabled by low-power electronics.
  • Cyber security measures and state-of-the-art IoT infrastructure provide secure data transmission.
  • Performance is continuously validated and improved through ongoing testing at technology and educational facilities.
  • Data can be hosted and displayed within our methane digital platform to seamlessly access and manage monitoring services, data, and analytics.
  • Easy data integration into existing digital systems (e.g., for operational or accounting purposes).