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Methane point instrument

Monitor methane leaks with precision, plug-and-play detection that scales

SLB methane point instrument

Catch every leak with continuous methane monitoring

Many oilfield methane emissions come from sources that leak or vent intermittently during normal operations. Continuous monitors can measure these emissions more accurately than is possible with mobile sensors mounted on satellites, airplanes, or drones. The methane point instrument from SLB End-to-end Emissions Solutions is a continuous methane monitoring system that uses IoT-enabled sensors to help you quickly and cost effectively detect, locate, and quantify these emissions. The patent-pending instrument identifies when emissions start and stop, triangulates to the emission source, and quantifies the emission rate.

Methane Point Instrument
Tiny tech. Giant leap.

A small, high-precision device that installs in minutes

Our methane point instrument can be installed by your field crew in minutes without the need for specialized training or tools. The installation locations and number of instruments to mount are determined using an SLB proprietary algorithm that plans the optimal set up by evaluating the site layout and regional weather conditions. Typically mounted on existing infrastructure around the facility, built-in solar panels power the instrument, which seamlessly connects to the LTE-M cellular network. Once installed, it runs maintenance-free throughout a 10-year lifetime. It's also compatible with our intuitive, user-friendly methane digital platform, where your data is displayed with easy visualization and allows for customizable alerts.

With our methane point instrument, you can effortlessly implement continuous methane monitoring with accurate, validated measurements, simplicity of use, and scale across your entire organization.

Methane Point Instrument - How it Works
How it works for 24/7 real-time methane emissions monitoring.
  • Monitor facilities for methane emissions 24/7 in real time
  • Detect leaks for repair
  • Quantify emissions for reporting
  • Compliance with continuous monitoring requirements outlined in EPA OOOOa/b/c regulations

For oil and gas production and processing facilities, onshore; and remote facilities almost anywhere worldwide.

  • Self-installed, plug-and-play instrument mounts in minutes with no specialized tools
  • Instant data streaming upon deployment; access and manage data within our methane digital platform or within your own infrastructure
  • Maintenance-free with a 10-year lifetime
  • Humidity-controlled, fully calibrated, drift-free methane sensor
  • Optimized device placement using our prevailing meteorological conditions planning algorithm
  • Accurate emission localization and rate quantification using our advection-diffusion under turbulent conditions interpretation algorithm
  • Continuous performance validation and improvement through third-party testing, including Methane Emissions Technology Evaluation Center (METEC) blind tests
  • Designed to meet emerging US regulatory requirements
  • Versatile mounting, power, and connectivity options