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Methane lidar camera

Confidently and unambiguously identify methane leaks

SLB methane leak detection technology

Detecting methane leaks early

Methane leak detection is challenging because the emission is invisible and can come from leaking components anywhere within your infrastructure. When leaks go undetected for an unknown amount of time, not knowing when emission occurred can lead to inaccurate measurement and reporting. The methane lidar (laser imaging, detection, and ranging) camera from SLB End-to-end Emissions Solutions is a continuous methane gas detector that creates a picture that clearly identifies the beginning of the methane plume, unambiguously showing the emission source.

SLB methane gas detection camera
The methane lidar camera detects, locates, visualizes, and quantifies methane emissions.* The camera superimposes a methane image on a traditional camera image, showing the exact location of an emission source.

Methane monitoring in nearly all conditions. How it works.

Permanently mounted on a pole or mast, the methane lidar camera scans your facility and zooms in on any detected leaks to identify the leaking component. The camera overlays a methane image on a traditional camera image, showing the exact location of an emission source. Its laser imaging, detection, and ranging technology enables measurement of plume size and shape, as well as gas emission rate, duration, location, persistence, and timing.

Under favorable conditions, the camera can detect even the smallest methane emissions. Unlike traditional methane cameras, the methane lidar camera quantifies methane emissions regardless of temperature, sunlight, and other gases, including water vapor. The automated camera operates on a continuous basis and equips you with the information you need to quickly report emissions and prioritize repairs.

Methane Lidar Camera
Detect, locate, visualize, and quantify methane emissions in all weather conditions.
  • Detect, locate, visualize, and quantify methane emissions, and prioritize remedial actions
  • Compliance with continuous monitoring requirements outlined in EPA OOOOa/b/c regulations

For oil and gas production and processing facilities, onshore; and large facilities with limited line of sight to potential emissions sources

  • Camera with lidar quantifies methane emission rates.
  • Methane and traditional images reveal individual emission sources unambiguously.
  • Gas leak visualization and pinpointing occurs in real time, day or night, and in light precipitation.
  • Insensitive to temperature or sunlight interference.
  • Methane-specific detection with no interference from other gases or water vapor.
  • Single-photon sensitivity for long-range, low-power, eye-safe imaging.


Lidar Images of Methane Emissions

SLB methane gas detection camera
The methane lidar camera visualizes methane emissions over a wide range of rates.

*The methane lidar camera is a licensed product of QLM Technology Ltd.