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Methane digital platform

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SLB Methane Digital Platform emissions management software.

Emissions data handling that pays. And scales.

The volume of your methane emissions data is going to increase drastically as more assets are monitored and reporting requirements evolve. Managing this data in a structured, automated, and centralized way from the get-go ensures your methane monitoring can scale quickly. Our digital platform enables you to do just that and more.

Built specifically for emissions data, our open and secure methane digital platform can receive data from disparate sources and make it available to your teams in a way they can trust and act on. See the bigger picture of your methane emissions across facilities and geographies, understand the sources, and spot trends. Reduce emissions faster and more cost effectively.

Our methane digital platform helps you manage your independent emissions measurements all in one place.
Our methane digital platform helps you manage your independent emissions measurements all in one place.

Skip the spreadsheets. How it works.

Our platform integrates emissions data from multiple sources to measure your methane emissions in real time, understand causes and drivers, and take appropriate remedial actions. The platform simplifies integration, processing, and measurement data management and works together with other systems as needed. Using a dashboard and applications, you get a detailed view of independent measurements and fugitive emissions statistics. You can also identify the areas and sources that require immediate attention based on existing baselines, previous measurements, and trends.

  • Emissions quantification and reporting
  • Emissions surveillance with dashboard alerts and notifications
  • Real-time emission monitoring through connected measurement services
  • Asset and site-level emission trends and breakdown analysis

For upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas production operations or locations that require methane monitoring.

  • Auditability and greater confidence in your data
  • Accepts data from mobile sources provided by SLB or other vendors (e.g., infrared cameras, leak detection and repair (LDAR) surveys, aerial flyovers, and drone surveys)
  • Emissions data can be made available to integrate with other systems for real-time or operational decision making and for analysis with other E&P software
  • Increases return on investment by reducing costs and manual work
  • Comprehensive understanding drives improvements as required to achieve regulatory compliance
  • Tracks emission events for efficient mitigating action with accurate source localization across multiple monitoring technologies
  • In-depth understanding of methane emission activities across assets and sites
  • Increases site measurement coverage by applying multiple monitoring technologies