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CT intervention tools and solutions

CoilTOOLS CT intervention tools and solutions.

A wide range of tools run on CT enable services for well completions, such as plug setting, sand control, gravel packing, fishing, milling and drillout of plugs, toe preparation, borehole cleaning, logging, and perforating.

High-pressure CT

All CT services can be performed in high-pressure environments. Well control equipment is available for working pressures up to 15,000 psi.


CT fishing tools are available for a wide range of applications. They can be mechanical or hydraulic. The tools are made specifically for CT and allow for pump-through capability and high loads.

Milling and drillout of plugs

When wells are completed with multiple fractured zones which are isolated with drillable plugs, CT can be used to drill out the plugs and maximize production rate. Additionally, our CT services specialize in drilling composite and cast-iron frac plugs.

Completing horizontal and shale wells

The recent increase in the number of horizontal wells and shale completions is a new area for growth and leadership. CT can be used for various parts of the completion operation. After a positive displacement motor on the end of CT is used for a scraper trip, the toe is perforated using a tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP) firing head. The subsequent isolation plugs can be set on wireline or CT. After all zones have been hydraulically fractured, the well is prepared for production by drilling out the frac isolation plugs using CT.

CoilTOOLS CT intervention tools and solutions.

A wide range of tools run on CT enable services for well completions.

CoilTOOLS CT intervention tools and solutions

Cleaning boreholes

To clean the borehole, water and nitrogen are pumped at high rates, and positive displacement motors with special bits are used. High annular velocities and careful execution are the keys to success.

We developed a highly effective system whereby everything, from the size of the CT (up to 2 in) to the ID of the BOPs (up to 5 1/8 in) to the size of the crane and the associated pumps, helps maximize the service efficiency.


  • Plug or bridge plug setting for plugging back depleted zones or isolating leaks
  • Through-tubing recompletion: sand control, gravel packing
  • Fishing
  • Milling and drilling
  • Composite plugs 
  • Horizontal wells
  • Toe preparation in horizontal and shale wells
  • Cleaning boreholes
  • Logging and perforating