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Neyrfor TTT

Thru-tubing turbodrill

Three transparent-skinned Neyrfor thru-tubing turbodrills exposing the complex mechanism inside

Slimhole system improves ROP while withstanding hostile environments

The Neyrfor TTT thru-tubing turbodrill provides the highest downhole mechanical power output by efficiently converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Power can be tailored for the most demanding thru-tubing applications, delivering higher speed and lower torque.

The turbodrill is available in 2 1/8-in and 2 7/8-in ODs to accommodate a broad range of applications, including coiled tubing, milling, and acidizing operations.

Reliability in harsh conditions

The tool’s all-metal construction enables reliable operation in high temperatures where conventional motor life is shortened and elastomer stators may be unusable. Frequent tripouts to change motors are avoided because the turbodrill can stay in hole for extended periods in high-temperature, pressure-sensitive, and harsh-fluid environments. The turbodrill also works efficiently with dual-phase milling fluids.

A technician examining a slimhole BHA just before it goes downhole
A coiled tubing rig in the foreground at a well intervention site

ACTive Services and Neyrfor TTT Turbodrill Increase ROP by 200% During CT Drilling

Combined technologies lower costs for Wintershall by improving ROP while reversing production decline in sour fractured carbonate reservoir.

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Closeup of the bit face of a slimhole BHA

Efficient milling and hole cleaning

The Neyrfor TTT turbodrill ensures a balanced and consistent milling profile capable of efficiently clearing cement and scale from tubing or liners. It also produces small, uniform cuttings for enhanced hole cleaning.

Protection from long-term torsional affects

With its robust blade stages and thrust-bearing design, the Neyrfor TTT turbodrill produces less reactive milling torque compared with conventional positive displacement motors, protecting downhole tools and coiled tubing from extended torsional stress. Its concentric design ensures significantly less destructive vibration for the tool and the BHA.

information graphic illustrating the inner workings of a Neyrfor turbodrill