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High-Efficiency Scale Removal in North Sea Well

Published: 03/12/2015

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Jet Blaster Service
The Jet Blaster service uses carbide nozzles with swirl eliminators to increase hydraulic efficiency, and the drift ring controls ROP for positive, one-pass cleaning.
North Sea, Norway, Europe, Offshore

Well section
11,467 ft [3,495 m]

Scale removed
7.5 metric tons

An operator needed to reverse declining production in an offshore well that suffered from heavy bariumsulfate (BaSO4) scaling. The Jet Blaster engineered high-pressure jetting service and Neyrfor TTT thru-tubing turbodrill were used in combination to efficiently clean out scale. A multicycle circulating valve (MCCV) was used to preserve the life of downhole tools and to enable higher pump rates for enhanced transport to surface. More than 7.5 metric tons of BaSO4 was removed from an 11,467-ft section of well and recovered at the surface. The scale was successfully ground into fine particles, which helped ease flow to surface.
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