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Autonomous well intervention

Higher performing wireline, slickline, and coiled tubing operations

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Autonomous well intervention

The future of well intervention

Wireline, slickline, and coiled tubing intervention has become more challenging as wells have increased in depth, tortuosity, and advanced completions complexity. These operations are often risky, unpredictable, and heavily reliant on manual tasks and personnel experience.


SLB has reinvented well intervention by developing the industry's first digital platform for intervention—leveraging edge computing, digitalization, automation, and Neuro™ autonomous solutions to significantly improve operational performance. By seamlessly combining innovative hardware and advanced digital technologies, we have created a powerful ecosystem that transforms wireline, slickline, and coiled tubing operations.

Digital makes the difference
Digitalizing wireline, slickline, and coiled tubing intervention connects operations to you and your team while ensuring safer, more efficient, agile, and dependable operations. Multiple processing is conducted simultaneously. This includes health analyzers to monitor real-time tool performance and make adjustments, third-party integration, and automated sequences. With the combination of AI and multiprocessing, operations can run autonomously from rig-up to rig-down with a single click—an industry first. Operational data is consistently captured along with lessons learned to improve future operations. And actionable insights are available quickly at the wellsite—in hours, not days—enabling decisions to be made within operational timeframes.

Intervention and Stimulation Alliance

In Norway, as part of the Intervention and Stimulation Alliance (Aker BP, SLB, and StimWell Services), SLB autonomous solutions have optimized wireline, slickline, and coiled tubing operations. The first autonomous offshore wireline and slickline operations provided an end-to-end plug setting workflow at deeper depths and with better performance than conventional operations: Automated wireline conveyance and spooling enabled safer and more efficient run-in-hole and pull-out-of-hole activities for a 20% efficiency gain to date. Automated casing collar locator (CCL) depth correlation shortened the time required to confirm that the plug was set to depth. And automated initiation of the plug setting sequence confirmed each step. Combined with AI and machine learning, the autonomous operations enabled making needed adjustments as they happened, removing variability due to human intervention.

In addition, the alliance executed the first campaign of autonomous CT operations in the Norwegian Continental Shelf, increasing running speed up to 25% compared with standard operations.

Intervention and Stimulation Alliance
Learn how digital and autonomous solutions are optimizing well intervention, production, and recovery.